Guide for buying a Dental Clinic

The most important professional decision of many dentists is what leads to settle them on their own as entrepreneurs. And that's when the big question arises: I open an absolutely new Clinic or acquire with its consequent portfolio of patients? Today we take care to give some advice to those who choose to buy an existing clinic.
The rush are bad counselors, worth losing an opportunity to embark on an adventure that we have all keys. Before closing any deal we have very clear that we will buy, at what price and under what conditions. We are basically talking about:
  • The equipment and facilities (and local if it were the case ...). It is easiest to assess, but should be taken into account seniority and above all the life they have left.
  • The obligations assumed by the Clinic, highlighting labor contracts, or agreements with third parties, for example, mutual, if so. When there are long-term labor contracts, we must be clear that workers are fully convince us otherwise can be a very costly if it dispenses with their services.
  • The portfolio of patients. The most difficult section value and therefore the most complex to identify in a contract. It is recommended that the acquisition of a portfolio of customers go linked to a payment plan that will only run on the basis of effective monitoring of patients with the new owner. In this sense it is very important that there be a transition period during which the "seller" and "buyer" live in front of the Clinic proceeding to an orderly transfer of the portfolio, beneficial for everyone.
  • All investments entail funding, which will generally be through financial institutions. When negotiating the loan, it should be accompanied / a by a trusted advisor who can negotiate the best conditions, to lower the interest or origination fees and study, agree deficiency payments ...
  • Finally, it is very important to perform adequate cash - flow forecast. The illusion of the new project should not lose sight that this is a momentous economically decision and therefore must foresee the pace of collections that can generate business and the pace of payments that have to deal .

Whether you want to buy a Dental Clinic, or create your own clinic, DENTAL ATEMA we are at your service to accompany you in the process and save you money, time ... and dislikes.
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