Can we save money on material purchases?

Generally, we identify savings in purchasing costs with getting buy at the best price by taking advantage of market opportunities. Buy more units than you really have needed two immediate consequences:
  • We bought material not needed and, therefore, increase stock.
  • We paid for a material that will not yet consume and, therefore, we will not charge the patient.

In all companies, and therefore also in all dental clinics, management of purchases and the stock deserve special attention and dedication as they are the most important items of payment to which they face.

In the case of purchases of consumables consequences of an outflow of money to buy equipment that is not needed in the clinic they are clear. And faces. To avoid such situations, it is best to have a policy of purchasing and inventory well designed.
A purchasing policy well designed has to take into account the following aspects:
  • Have a software that allows stock management.
  • Define the minimum stock level we want for each product consumables.
  • Develop the process of ups and downs of inventory, clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each person involved in the process.
  • Define listings that will make the stock and the optimal amount to buy.
  • To count the inventory of consumables as exit point of the procedure. (It is advisable to make this inventory at least once a year to balance possible variations between actual stock and the virtual stock to go originating throughout the year).
  • Develop the procurement process and approval of purchases by the head of the dental clinic.

Purchasing procedures and inventory have the following advantages:
  • Purchases by subjective criteria are reduced, eliminating material purchases do not need or excess.
  • Purchases are optimized because purchased as consumed.
  • OOS are avoided, ie, the situation of needing a product is removed and not have it available.
  • The costs of urgent shipments of the material "we need to operate tomorrow," and we do not have on stock are saved.
  • Control of the dentist on purchases require approval is reinforced.
  • There is an immediate savings to buy necessities.
  • The volume of purchases by supplier is known and can be negotiated volume discounts earlier this year.
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